DR HR Morkel Inc. started off as a family-run business that has a mission to improve health care by staying abreast of the latest innovations in nuclear medicine and molecular imaging.


Dr Heinz Morkel opened the doors to his practice at Panorama Mediclinic in 1993 after completing his MMed in Nuclear Medicine at the University of Stellenbosch. He did his undergraduate training at Stellenbosch University and Tygerberg hospital before starting work in the Nuclear Medicine department at Tygerberg hospital. He was the first student from Stellenbosch to complete his MMed in Nuclear Medicine. Since 1993 he has opened satellite practices and currently has practices located at Cape Gate Mediclinic, Vergelegen Mediclinic (Somerset-West) and George Mediclinic.


His wife, Dr Annemi Klopper, also a medical practitioner, received her MBChB degree at Stellenbosch University in 1976. She ran a successful GP practice until she decided to also enter the field of nuclear medicine. After completion of her BSc (Hons) in Nuclear Medicine she joined the practice. She has a special interest in PET/CT and is currently actively involved in the Cape PET-CT centre.


Their daughter, Marguerite Morkel, obtained her MBChB degree at the University of Stellenbosch in 2005. She started her MMed in Nuclear Medicine in 2012 and passed the final exam from the Fellowship of Nuclear Physicians (College of Medicine of South Africa) in 2015. She completed the MMed from the Stellenbosch University in 2016 and passed cum laude. She joined the practice in May 2016. Before starting with her specialisation in 2012 she worked in various departments, including Paediatrics, Internal Medicine and Trauma to develop in-depth clinical knowledge and practical skills. She has a special interest in Neuroendocrine tumours and theranostics. She was one of the first Nuclear Medicine Physicians in Cape Town to offer Lutetium therapy to patients with metastatic neuroendocrine and prostate cancer and the practice is currently the only private practice in Cape Town offering this service. Dr Morkel was elected as the vice president of the Association of Nuclear Physicians in 2018 and became president of the association in 2022. 


Dr Maxine Fletcher was appointed in March 2022 as a full time Nuclear Medicine Specialist at the practice. She completed her Fellowship of Nuclear Physicians, as well as her MMed which was conferred cum laude, in 2021. Prior to starting her specialisation in 2018, she worked in Internal medicine, including a year in the medical and surgical intensive care unit at 2 Military Hospital, as well as spending a year working as a Ship’s Physician as the general practitioner and Emergency medicine officer on board.


This practice, in association with other nuclear medicine physicians and local radiological practices, were the driving forces behind the establishment of the Cape PET-CT Centre. The PET-CT centre is located on the same premises as DR HR Morkel Inc. and the practice is actively involved in the day-to-day workflow of the Cape PET-CT centre. Dr Marguerite Morkel has been the chairperson of the board of the Cape PET/CT centre since 2020.